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My name is Karjohn Kamal, and I am an Oracle University Certified Java Programmer.I have 3 years experience in Application Development.I live in Dhaka(Capital City of Bangladesh). My prime focus and inspiration for Web & Mobile Application Development. In my free time, I study human-computer interface and the psychology of human-computer communication. I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am continuously experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am very affectionate about Web Development and try hard to improve myself as a developer.

I have engaged long term freelancing career. Almost four years worked in the online marketplace. I have started my career as a Professional online marketer and completed more than 300 projects about product and service promoting for small and multinational business. I have a strong knowledge of Digital marketing. I have done nearby 400 web pages for the different client. I’m a Founder and CEO of Coder Infinity and


I have received a Bachelor of Computer Science (CSE) Degree from Don Bosco Engineering University of Bangalore India. I regularly modernize my skill in web technology to continue by the rival of the recent trends and best practice.


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5 Best Backlink checker Tools for Analyze BackLink Profile!

Do you worry about Google penalty?Do you have any particular idea how to protect your website from negative SEO attack?Would you love to protect your site from any unexpected death?In generally, an essential toolsGoogle penalty occurs for negative Seo that googles hate.If you can control your backlink flow, you never penalize for the purpose of negative SEO. However, Today’s I ‘m going to show you how to protect your website from Google penalty by using this five Best Backlink checker tools that are very efficient and ‘Must be utilized’ backlink analyzing tools.These Best Backlink checker tools will naturally help you to give exact backlink information about that site you need or your competitor site that you want to beat for ranking.

 5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Best backlink checker

1)Ranking Signals

Ranking signals is a one of crucial backlink profile analyzer tools that can give you total backlink profile information about any website which you put into their search box.You need to sign up for checking your full data by this tools.This tools will show you the rank of your domain that you want to analyze and also the page rank of the linking domains too!

2)Open Site Explorer 

The next one that we discuss the famous MOZ open site explorer.These tools are mostly common tools which are used nearly all IM marketers for competitor backlink analysis.Open site explorer will display the research partially the domain name and somewhat the subdomain name.They also show the domain authority and page authority for every site into their result.Keep it in mind that they only display a few backlink data with the free version.However, If you need to analyze the full data of your competitor site you have to migrate to the paid version for getting all data for the site that you need.

3)Majestic Site Explorer.

The 3rd one is majestic site explorer.Majestic is one of other famous backlink analysis tools which is using the most IM professional for checking the backlink data.The main advantage of majestic site explorer is that it does not only give the result of current back links or back link profiles it gives the entire backlink story of a website.You can check doFollow and Nofollow link, text link, image link by using this tool. The trust flow and the citation flow will provide you the linking flow of your site.In generally if your site has 20 citation flow then it should be the half of the trust flow.That means your site should have the ten trust flow instead of 20 citation flow.Let me discuss citation flow and trust flow –

  • Citation Flow:

Citation flow is a majestic metric algorithm which they use for extend the equally power the website back link or backlink profile that they carry.Majestic provide the citation flow score 0-100 for measuring a backlink value

.Citation Flow

  • Trust Flow:

Trust flow is a score base on quality and the measure between 0-100.Majestic give the site value for trust flow that how many trusted seed side based on a manual review of the web.These metrics decide how trustworthy the link is point based on quality to this site which they research. Sites nearly linked up to a intrusted seed site could assure higher scores whereas sites that might get a few questionable links would discover a much lower mark.

Majastic trust flow and citation flow


Our 4th selection is the Semrush analyzer. Semrush is a most popular backlink analysis tools of this decade.This tool will provide you the organic traffic those you got from Google organic search and the paid traffic if you are using any paid traffic method for your site.It displays the top organic keywords, main organic competitors and the full overview of a website.


Open link profiler is our 5th selection for back link analysis.It’s the best backlink profile checking tools ever I have seen.Do you know why I mentioned it as a best backlink profile checker?

Well, the reason is that- it best causes you can filter the link profile with lots of criteria.Such as,URL,link,text,date,domain etc.This tool is very effective for the back link profile analyzing.These tools help you to protect your site from any negative attack and Google penalty.

Final verdict:

These tools are showing the result very fast with plenty information about your backlink profile.This five best backlink checker tools will display you all backlink data in a minute for checking the backlink profile without any hassle.These tools are very crucial for everyone who is a serious web business guy and wants to touch their goal that they expect.Most of them provide the limited data for a free version, and I think it just enough for a beginner to understand what prevent step should he do for this purpose of the backlink profile and negative SEO.